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Childhood is a lie - Ships on Neptune
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After playing a lot exclusively as a sideman, i felt the need to play my own music with my own band. So i decided to setup this freshly put together quartet - ships on neptune. 

Musicians are good mates of mine, from Germany, Australia and France. They are :

Johannes Maikranz - guitar

Victor Rossé - bass

Arthur Vonfelt - drums

Myself - trombone, keys, compositions



Find some photos for your press articles and check out a few bands in which i play

Jonas Prina quartet
Johannes Maikranz sexttet
Alberto Garcia trio
trombonist - composer


I grew up in Bourg en Bresse, France, and started learning trombone at 7, at the local music school with Gilles Farinone. As i've always been interested into picking tricks and techniques from other instruments, i moved to Lyon and lived there until i reached my twenties, to study with trumpetist Pierre Lafrenaye (Canada) and violonist Rémi Crambes. I then finished my studies in Basel with the trombonist Adrian Mears (Australia), and i'm now living as a freelance musician and composer in Freiburg, Germany, after having spent a year in Berlin. 

I developed a big interest into jazz and improvised music from the beginning on and so i skipped the 'traditionnal must-go-through' classical trombone studies. I gave it a try later in my student life but it's denifitely not for me.

I'm now active in a lot of local - and not so local - bands, and touring all over Europe. I'm also working as a composer for a few projects, from jazz to pop ensembles.  

Here are some bands i've played - or still play - with.

Mama magnet


Otto normal

Johannes Maikranz sexttet

Johannes Maikranz big band

Jonas Winterhalter big band

Kenneth Dahl Knudsen big band

The amazing keystone big band

Blue Rabbit collective

Alberto Garcia trio

Jonas Prina quartet

Neele & the sound voyage

Tobias Meinhardt quintet

Janto's Holding


And so on

Discover a few other interesting projects i work on right now

cou de giraffe

During my last year of studies in Basel, i had the chance to meet and work with two incredible trombonists, and we since then play all three together in a lot of different settings such as Mama magnet, Magnezo, or just occasionally as a horn section.

We decided to create a trombone trio and to play our own music. This band is composed of :

Simon Girard (France), Raphael Rossé (Australia), and myself. 

blue rabbit goes...

In Freiburg where i live, we are a big family of musicians and we organize, twice a month, a jazz rendez-vous in a famous club of the city, under the name of 'blue rabbit', where we invite bands from all around the place to come and play for an evening.

We recently decided to extend this project with another event called 'blue rabbit goes...', where we meet with the Freiburger musicians into a small malleable collective to play our own music once a month, but each time with a different concept. 

One night will be swing music, the month after will be salsa, the next one might be electronic stuff, or indian music, who knows. Suggestions from anyone are more than welcome !


multiphonics fun - cou de giraffe
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We like to experiment lots of things, such as multiphonics for example :

ships on neptune


ships on neptune


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